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The Intolerables

The teachers at Bridges work hard to create a positive, peaceful and organized environment where students can experience the benefit of quality teaching, cooperative learning, and hard work.  At the same time, we want our students to feel comfortable and enjoy the learning process.  In order to maintain this type of environment, we adhere to the Bridges student policy regarding behavior and work habits.  There are three intolerables, or unacceptable behaviors and attitudes, which we would like to address.

Intolerable #1: Disrespectful students.  Disrespect comes in the form of talking back, lack of respect, insults, bad-mouthing, or ridicule of other students or teachers.  This also includes students who “fight” unreasonably with the teacher, unreasonably refusing to follow the teacher’s directions or listen to the teacher’s suggestions and ideas that are meant to help the student.

Intolerable #2: Disruptive students.  Disruptive students draw attention away from the teacher or tasks-at-hand on a continual basis.  These are students who call out answers or interrupt the teacher or other students.  They may also talk excessively about unrelated topics or try to humor others by joking around, thus disrupting the flow and rhythm of the class.  This includes students who are fidgety and restless, so much so that it disrupts the other students as they try to complete their task.

Intolerable #3:  Poor Work Habits.  Students unwilling to put in the full effort on a continual basis exhibit poor work habits.  At Bridges, the teachers work hard to fully engage students by giving them ample opportunity to participate during discussion and by giving an abundance of support when tackling the new and more difficult tasks of our program.  We will do everything we can to encourage students to work independently, and we will make sure all our directives are very clear as to what is required.  But, students are not making the most of their classroom experience if the student continuously rushes through their work and chooses to ignore the reading strategies or writing techniques the teacher has taught.  Students also display poor work habits if they show lack of self-motivation and are unable to complete their work independently despite the additional support the teacher has already given the student.  A student also displays poor work habits by excessively complaining, verbally or through body language.

Our Intolerables Protocol  

If a student is disrespectful, disruptive or exhibiting poor work habits, we will open up communication with parents to determine the best course of action to ensure that the intolerables are dealt with properly.

During Class. When a student displays any intolerable and has already been given chances to adjust his or her behavior, and if there is not a positive response from the student, the student will be asked to take a break from class and sit out in the lobby area for a couple minutes until ready to resume the appropriate attitude or behavior for class.  If, after this, a student has not improved in the areas of intolerables, the parent will be called to take the student home.  If this occurs multiple times, you may be asked to withdraw the student from our program.

Parent Communication.  If a student continues to display any intolerable, the education director will begin communication with the student’s parent, via phone call or parent consultation.  The education director will discuss a plan with the parent to address the underlying issues causing the problems in class.

Withdraw Student.  We know that Bridges is not for every student, and if the Bridges staff and the parent are unable to resolve a student’s continual demonstration of any intolerable, we will withdraw the student from our program. It may be best to find an alternative program for that student.

We appreciate the families of our students who recognize the importance of maintaining a high standard of respect and work ethic, and it is our promise to maintain the best possible environment possible, even if it requires these listed measures.  We trust that adhering to the Intolerables protocol will ensure the best quality work from our students and will lead to happy students proud of the work they have accomplished each day.