Bringing back the joy of reading & writing




We wanted our daughter to appreciate and become passionate about reading and writing, and Bridges has been the ideal program for her. In just one year, our daughter’s vocabulary has grown rapidly and her punctuation and grammar usage has significantly improved; in addition, her writing has become more creative and descriptive, and her interest in reading has increased substantially.

We feel a firm command of the English language will help our daughter succeed in school, and more importantly, in life. We are very happy Bridges gives our daughter the extra support she needs to be successful in this area.

Thank you, Bridges!
— KIM YASUI, Parent of 3rd grader @ Stonegate Elementary
I am a health researcher and writer at UCLA. I understand the difficulty of writing. I completely appreciate the comprehensiveness of Bridges’ method. My daughter was enrolled in Kumon, and she detested the route method. She would beg to come here to Bridges, and would speak endlessly about what she learned. We are very happy and without hesitation signed up again.
— Lisa Arangua, Parent of Students @ Pegasus
I cannot express how valuable Bridges was this year to our 2nd grade daughter. With an entire family background in both private and public education, we knew our daughter needed more coaching on her writing skills. Bridges was our complete answer! The committed staff set the strong foundational expectations of proper writing. Their attention to my daughters strengths AND weaknesses were carefully monitored. My daughter came out of the program a stronger, more skilled and confident writer and I couldn’t have asked for anything more!
— Chadnie Cole, Parent of 3rd grader @ St. Mary's
Our daughter loves coming to Bridges after school and to Project Ink in the summer. She has always had a love of learning and reading, but her brainstorming, composition, grammar, vocabulary and spelling skills have all greatly improved because of Bridges. We are thrilled with the small class size and the quality of teachers who know and care for their students.
— Kelly Given, Parent of 2nd grader @ Stonegate Elementary
Through a friend’s suggestion, we decided to try Bridges. We had heard great comments about how our friend’s child made tremendous improvement in his writing skills and confidence. After trying many other writing workshops and classes . . . some good, others definitely not so good, we are now at Bridges and are very happy to be here.

Our son is, what you might call, a reluctant writer and reader, at least he used to be. Bridges has helped him feel more comfortable with being willing to write and read. There are many times he comes home from class and is excited to share the “cool thing” (in his words) that he learned at class that day. With his enthusiasm, his confidence to write and read more challenging assignments at school is rising quickly. His teachers are seeing a difference. Our family is seeing a difference. As parents, we are very relieved as the skill of writing and reading is critical in every aspect of succeeding in school . . . in life.

The environment, teachers, and “overall feel” of Bridges is very comforting and assuring to both our son and us, as parents. If our son did not feel comfortable, we knew “it wouldn’t work.” Luckily, his comfort level is there . . . and so is his progress.

We are very excited to see the progress in his confidence and skill soar to new heights.

Thank you, Bridges!
— Shannon, Parent of 4th grader
Before coming to Bridges my daughter always seemed to get “stuck” while writing. Every day I pick her up from Bridges she is happy and excited to share what she is doing in class. Her teacher is friendly and positive and has made this a positive experience for my daughter. We will be returning and continuing with Bridges in the Fall.
— Kathleen Doherty, Parent
My child came to Bridges with a fear for writing. Just about 1 session (2 weeks), I believed he like it, he had confidence when he came to Bridges each week. He was very happy with the teachers. They were very sweet and super helpful. Thanks for everything, and I will definitely refer this program to everyone!
— Dominic Tran, Parent
My daughter’s reading & writing has improved a lot. We are very happy with what she has accomplished so far but we still feel this is a long process, and she needs to continue to focus on the writing. We are very happy with everything Bridges delivered until now. The teachers make the sessions fun and enjoyable. My daughter was listed this semester in her school’s honors list. We are very happy and so is my daughter.
— Tayeba Salhi, Parent of 6th grader @Aliso Viejo Middle School
My eleven year old son surprised me by telling me he liked his new class at Bridges an wished he could go twice a week! This enjoyment he reported experiencing was quite a change from the typically resistant attitude he previously showed towards writing and tutoring. I evaluated a number of other tutoring centers and concluded Bridges would give him the best education in writing and the different styles of writing.
— Jenniver Vanloy, Homeschooler
Bridges Reading & Writing Institute has helped to develop a greater joy of reading and writing for our daughter. My husband and I were so impressed with this program and their approach to reading and writing. Her instructors were so kind and very helpful. We loved the small teacher/student ratio. Her teacher at school has noticed a difference in her writing and I have noticed a difference in her reading comprehension. She now has better tools that will take her further down the road to becoming a better writer. Each time I would pick her up she would get in the car talking about all the things she learned and it she could go to BRWI more often. We would highly recommend BRWI.
— Cinamin Stulik, Parent of 3rd grader @ Mariners Elementary
My name is Melissa Browning and I highly recommend Bridges Reading and Writing Institute. I have two sons who have taken classes at Bridges because I felt that their written expression were not up to par with their reading and oral language ability. As a teacher, I know how important it is to have a solid foundation in written expression and at Bridges, that’s just what you’ll get. I knew that Bridges’ philosophy and class objectives were right on track for what I was looking for, which was not simply tutoring, but a deeper understanding of the English language and tools for expressing oneself in writing. But, it’s one thing to have a great presentation for beginning parents (as they do), and it’s another to follow through and create an atmosphere that carries out that philosophy.

Both my sons were less than enthusiastic about starting at Bridges, however, after the first session I never heard another complaint. The small group supportive atmosphere and skilled teachers are just the recipe that one needs for academic growth. What’s really amazing is that I have seen my sons apply the skills learned at Bridges to their written assignments in school. I nearly cried when I heard my youngest say, as he was completing a school assignment, “I’m just not happy with my word choice in my second paragraph topic sentence.” This is a kid whose goal, prior to his time at Bridges, was to complete each writing assignment using the fewest words possible! My oldest son, as a Junior, is now approaching the writing portion on the SAT and college application essays. I feel confident that we are giving him the best possible support by having him attend classes at Bridges.

If you are looking for a place that only helps your child do their Language Arts homework, Bridges is not for you. Bridges is an institute that has strategies in place to give your children a deeper understanding of vocabulary, reading comprehension and writing skills that they will use throughout their lives.
— Meslissa Browning, Parent of Students @ Sierra Vista Middle School and Northwood High
I think this has been a great experience for my grandson. He loves coming to class, which is a good incentive. The teachers were pleasant and knowledgeable. I would recommend this program to family and friend. We have gone to Sylvan and Learning RX, he seems more excited about Bridges. Hopefully my daughter will enroll him for the fall session.
— Vickie Taylor, Parent of 4th grader
My child has done both summer and school year programs with Bridges and she absolutely loves them all. Bridges not only taught her fundamental writing technique but also made her enjoy writing. I think that is very important.

And unlike some other tutoring programs which only give kids tons of work book pages to do, Bridges constructed their own materials to guide kids in developing their skill in language art. I am very impressed with all the materials that they use.

Both the director and her team have dedicated lot of effort to help the kids and work with kids according to their level. As a parent, I am really glad that I found Bridges.
— Julie Ho, Parent of 4th grader @ Bonita Canyon
My son said, “The class is extremely fun!” So I am sure he is excited about writing the stories at Bridges. Also, he seems to gain more confidence about reading and writing because he is doing those more easily and happily at home. They could find and realize he weak points that he needs to improve on. That was a great opportunity. I also like the teachers.
— Ayaka Nakatani, Parent
Having 2 daughters attend your summer program, I gained confidence that they were in the right learning environment. Bridges exposed them to all the possibilities that come with reading and writing. The staff was very dedicated to the individual needs of the students. My girls loved it!
— Grace Chun, Parent
Our prayer has finally been answered. We tried Kumon, Score and private tutor and none of them worked. Until, we found Bridges. Every one of them was able to point out the weakness but not the solution. Bridges pinpointed the problem and the solution at the same time. Once we were told she will not make it. But now our daughter is earning B-pluses and building confidence more than before. Our second child also joined the Bridges program and she looks forward going to Bridges. We are pleased with the result of both. I will recommend with no hesitation to any parent who is seeking help to improve or to excel. I would like to thank the Chuckwumerije family who introduced me to Bridges.
— Tsehai Hadgu, Parent of Students @ University Park Elementary