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Academic Year

Our Academic Year Reading and Writing Program is broken up into two semesters.  However, a new student can begin our program at any time and does not have to wait for the next unit to begin.   Maximum class size is about 9 students.   These are enrichment classes for students who are at or above grade level & want to go above and beyond what they are learning in their regular school classes. 


Project Ink: Summer Creative Writing Camp

At Project Ink, students will develop their love for writing. Using their imagination to create their own fictional story, students will learn practical tips and useful techniques to become better writers.  They will practice the five steps to the writing process: prewriting, drafting, revising, editing and publishing a finalized story.  Project Ink is Monday through Thursday for 2 weeks.  Students are in class for 3 hours each day.




Homeschool Language Arts Program

The Bridges Homeschool Language Arts Program will give homeschooling children a well-structured, high-quality, enriching reading and writing program to foster in them the joy of reading and writing.  We provide a safe place where homeschooling children can meet other kids who love to learn and respect the learning process.   And, we will be able to provide you – the homeschooling teacher – additional support and resources along your homeschooling journey.  


Tenblox Online Preschool Program

Teach your preschooler to read and write.  Tenblox is an online preschool program to be used by parents to teach their preschoolers to read and write.  Free trial available. Check it out at (coming soon).